CorelDRAW X4 The Official Guide Jul 2008 eBook

Product Description

The Only Corel-Authorized Guide to CorelDRAW X4

Create fine art and commercial graphics with one powerful tool! CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide shows you how to get a visual message across with impact and style; edit photos; build captivating layouts; and compose scenes in a clean, attention-getting style. Learn how to illustrate like the pros, justify and flow text around shapes, and truly understand digital color. You'll also discover how to create 3D objects, apply special effects, and integrate different media to build outstanding graphics. Packed with expert tips and techniques for creating professional-level art, this is your one-stop CorelDRAW X4 resource.

Create drawings that mimic traditional oils and acrylics using Artistic Media, Smudge, and Roughen brushes
Lay out complete page designs with layers, multi-page options, and preset page and label templates
Import and format text, flow text around illustrations, and add drop caps
Use CorelDRAW as a desktop publishing program
Import and edit digital photos, including camera RAW files, and incorporate them into your designs
Add special effects to your illustrations including dynamic lens effects and transparency
Create 3D objects with the Extrude tool
Includes an all-new 8-page full-color section

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How to Do Everything Adobe Photoshop CS4 – Tutorial eBook

With this full-color guide, you will discover how to bring your creative concepts to completion using the latest version of the number-one graphic design software. You will learn how to use brushes, shapes, and special effects; master layers and filters; color-correct images; manage workflow; and much more. Written by an Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Instructor, this hands-on tutorial features real-world examples that reveal how cutting-edge design techniques are created. The book also introduces the Extended version for 3D and video users.

Chad Perkins is an award-winning software trainer, an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, After Effects, Encore, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat, and is CompTIA CTT+ certified. Chad has authored multiple books on Photoshop and After Effects. He has trained or created art for such companies as Warner Brothers, Paramount, Nike, Sony, Lockheed Martin, Disney, and the United Way



The Fat Burning Furnace Full eBook

This book is it is a fitness book that rather than focusing on diets or crazy cardio sessions lays things out as what they really are , and leaves you laughing at everybody else on the planet doing the wrong thing. I myself have been folling this book and have found many benefits includign a serious boost in my overall energy.
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Why Men Don't Listen & Women Can't Read Maps - eBook

Why Men Don't Listen & Women Can't Read Maps - 305 Pages - Size 2.67MB  

Buying a Computer For Dummies, 2006 Edition

Buying a Computer for Dummies, 2006 Edition
by Dan Gookin

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 076459818X
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780764598180
Publisher: For Dummies
Number Of Pages: 332
Publication Date: 2005-11-10

Realizing that purchasing a computer is a significant investment, beloved author Dan Gookin assists readers in finding a tailor-made computer that suits specific needs while also offering longevity Delivers all the know-how in an understandable, enjoyable, friendly style so readers don't feel overwhelmed by all the choices they'll face when buying a computer Walks readers step by step through all the new developments: CD burner/DVD combo drives, processor upgrades, flat panel displays, new modem and networking options, new peripherals, and more An essential reference for first-time computer buyers looking to make a wise purchase, and for anyone looking to get an additional computer

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Microsoft Office 2007 For Dummies eBook Collection

Microsoft Office 2007 For Dummies eBook Collection

Official Description

Find and use the features you need right away

Create great documents, Excel charts, and slide shows, and organize your e-mail

What's new at the Office? A lot, and this book takes you through all the cool changes and enhancements so you can rev up and go. Find your way around the new interface, dress up your documents, create spreadsheets that actually make sense, give presentations that wow your audience, and organize your life.

Discover how to

* Locate commands on the Ribbon
* Use Live Preview
* Stop spam with Outlook
* Format and enhance Word documents
* Work with Excel formulas
* Store and find data in Access
* And much more!


Included in this eBook collection are:

* Microsoft Word 2007 for Dummies
* Microsoft Office 2007 for Dummies
* Microsoft Access 2007 All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies
* Microsoft Office Project 2007 for Dummies
* Microsoft Excel 2007 Quick Reference for Dummies
* Microsoft Excel 2007 All-in-one Desk Reference for Dummies
* Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 for Dummies
* Microsoft Outlook 2007 for Dummies

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(Ebook Martial Arts) Aikido - Pressure Points

(Ebook Martial Arts) Aikido - Pressure Points
learning about the martial art.

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Electronics Repairing – EBook

Electronics Repairing – EBook

Ebook references to help you learn and understand everything about electronics.

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 Brand of the notebook is Acer
 Model 4250
 Chip AMD TURION 64X2 Mobile Technology
 1.90 GHz at 1.75 gb
 Oringinal Windows XP



57 Cooking Ebooks


365 Foreign Dishes
A Little Cook Book for a Little Girl
Awesome Restaurant Recipes
Barbecue Recipes
Beef Recipes
Betty Crocker's Best Of Baking Recipes
Cajun Recipes
Chinese Recipes
Chocolate And Cocoa Recipes
Click To Cook
Comfort Foods
Cook It Juicy
Cooking By The Book
Creative Homemaking Guide To Casseroles
Crockpot Recipies
Dale Recipe Book
Desserts Of Vitality
E-Cookbooks Recipe Sampler
Every Step In Canning
Favorite Dishes
For Breakfast
Generations Of Recipes
Grill Recipes
Grillmaster- Barbecue Recipes
Hillbilly Hanks Roadkill Recipes
Homebrew Favorites
Hotdog Recipes
Indian Recipes
Italian Recipes
Jamie Oliver's Cookbook
Low-carb Recipe Secrets
Malaysian Recipes
Many Ways For Cooking Eggs
Meals For A Healthy Weight
Mexican Recipes
Native American Health Recipes
Now We're Cooking
One-Pot Meals
Pasta Recipes
Pizzeria Recipes
Prizewinning Recipes
Recipes To Spice Up Your Summer
Salads Recipes
Sauce Recipes
Secret Ingredients
Simple Italian Cookery
Soup Recipes
Starbucks Frappucino
Thanksgiving Recipes
The Belgian Cookbook
The Essential Seafood Cookbook
The Greek Kitchen
The Quilt Inn Country Cookbook
The Ultimate Grilling Guide
The World's Best Burger
Ultimate cheesecakes


Complete Do It Yourself (DIY) Tutorials – 159 eBooks

Complete Do It Yourself | Size : 27 MB | RS

o – 30 Quick Fixes For Everyday Disasters.pdf (773.48 kilobyte)
o – 4×8 Utility Trailer-Drawings.pdf (836.53 kilobyte)
o – 4×8 Utility Trailer-Instructions.pdf (337.47 kilobyte)
o – A Guide To Building Outdoor Stairs.pdf (233.24 kilobyte)
o – About Bathrooms.pdf (61.1 kilobyte)
o – About Kitchens.pdf (76.68 kilobyte)
o – About Pvc Windows.pdf (121.95 kilobyte)
o – Actions To Prevent Flooding Around The House.pdf (49.42 kilobyte)
o – Add A Radiator.pdf (159.09 kilobyte)
o – Add A Wall Light.pdf (90.93 kilobyte)
o – Adding A Socket.pdf (176.96 kilobyte)
o – Air Bricks.pdf (180.75 kilobyte)
o – All About Decking.pdf (132.39 kilobyte)
o – Artex And Plaster.pdf (175.14 kilobyte)
o – Backyard Pond.pdf (211.92 kilobyte)
o – Basic Plumbing.pdf (210.87 kilobyte)
o – Bonus Utility Trailer Plan !.pdf (197.11 kilobyte)
o – Boxing In Pipes.pdf (118.74 kilobyte)
o – Brick Bonds.pdf (208.04 kilobyte)
o – Bricklayers Tool Kit.pdf (106.74 kilobyte)
o – Brickwork.pdf (171.66 kilobyte)
o – Build A Brick Barbecue.pdf (121.27 kilobyte)
o – Build A Carport.pdf (190.99 kilobyte)
o – Build A Shed.pdf (189.61 kilobyte)
o – Build A Shower Cubicle.pdf (168.25 kilobyte)
o – Building A Basic Cupboard.pdf (491.27 kilobyte)
o – Building A Dry Stone Wall.pdf (96.59 kilobyte)
o – Building Regulations Electrical Safety Jan 2005.pdf (901.27 kilobyte)
o – Building Traditional Casing For New Windows.pdf (711.39 kilobyte)
o – Built In Storage Space.pdf (350.08 kilobyte)
o – Cement & Mixes.pdf (60.39 kilobyte)
o – Ceramic Tiles For Worktops.pdf (161.39 kilobyte)
o – Change A Door Handle.pdf (41.69 kilobyte)
o – Changing Taps.pdf (168.57 kilobyte)
o – Cladding.pdf (293.68 kilobyte)
o – Closing And Opening An Existing Fireplace.pdf (219.67 kilobyte)
o – Colour Combinations.pdf (123.13 kilobyte)
o – Colour Schemes.pdf (182.36 kilobyte)
o – Consumer Unit.pdf (199.11 kilobyte)
o – Cornices And Coving.pdf (74.66 kilobyte)
o – Corrugated Sheet Roofing.pdf (73.67 kilobyte)
o – Create A Town Garden And Patio.pdf (215.42 kilobyte)
o – Curing An Air Lock In A Hot Water Pipe.pdf (141.68 kilobyte)
o – Deck Marking.pdf (88.61 kilobyte)
o – Deck Post Holes.pdf (86.7 kilobyte)
o – Deck Structural Design.pdf (101.7 kilobyte)
o – Decking Steps.pdf (99.79 kilobyte)
o – Design,plan & Fit A Kitchen.pdf (177.6 kilobyte)
o – Designing Your Garden.pdf (162.1 kilobyte)
o – Different Types Of Hammers.pdf (54.27 kilobyte)
o – Diy Q&A.pdf (132.82 kilobyte)
o – Dormer Building.pdf (592.15 kilobyte)
o – Dry Rot & Wet Rot.pdf (24.04 kilobyte)
o – Earth Bonding.pdf (53.03 kilobyte)
o – Electrical Safety.pdf (142.13 kilobyte)
o – Fireplace.pdf (360.28 kilobyte)
o – Fit A Bath And Wash Basin.pdf (155.99 kilobyte)
o – Fit Extra Electrical Sockets.pdf (218.36 kilobyte)
o – Fit a Toilet and Bidet.pdf (152.34 kilobyte)
o – Fitting A Mortice Latch.pdf (262.17 kilobyte)
o – Fixing To Lathe & Plaster.pdf (54.67 kilobyte)
o – Fixing To Plasterboard And Plasterboard Fixings.pdf (68.86 kilobyte)
o – Foundations For Light Garden Walls.pdf (93.16 kilobyte)
o – Garage Floor Insulation.pdf (149.84 kilobyte)
o – General Do It Yourself Safety Comments.pdf (40.94 kilobyte)
o – Gun Applied Sealants And Adhesives.pdf (36.86 kilobyte)
o – Handrail Anatomy.pdf (47.62 kilobyte)
o – Hanging A Door.pdf (236.8 kilobyte)
o – Hanging Wallpaper.pdf (161.57 kilobyte)
o – Heat Guns.pdf (57.43 kilobyte)
o – Home Security.pdf (183.13 kilobyte)
o – How A Lighting Circuit Works.pdf (124.99 kilobyte)
o – How To Avoid The Cowboy Builder.pdf (34.72 kilobyte)
o – How To Build A Deck.pdf (375.74 kilobyte)
o – How To Build A Raised Formal Pool.pdf (53.22 kilobyte)
o – How To Build A Retaining Wall.pdf (59.74 kilobyte)
o – How To Construct A Suimple Garden Pond.pdf (100.17 kilobyte)
o – How To Hang Wallpaper.pdf (59.65 kilobyte)
o – How To Install Pvc Downpipes.pdf (41.07 kilobyte)
o – How To Repair Faucets(Taps).pdf (160.78 kilobyte)
o – How To Wire A Plug.pdf (1.76 megabyte)
o – In-Ground Pool.pdf (645.84 kilobyte)
o – Indoor Lighting.pdf (167.35 kilobyte)
o – Install A Fireplace.pdf (208.16 kilobyte)
o – Install An Electric Shower.pdf (152.58 kilobyte)
o – Install Guttering.pdf (201.2 kilobyte)
o – Installing A Peephole.pdf (35.03 kilobyte)
o – Installing A Pre-Hung Door.pdf (50.42 kilobyte)
o – Installing Deck Boards.pdf (68.89 kilobyte)
o – Installing Deck Joists.pdf (79.79 kilobyte)
o – Installing Deck Posts.pdf (216.82 kilobyte)
o – Installing Deck Stairs.pdf (79.98 kilobyte)
o – Installing The Deck Ledger.pdf (69.63 kilobyte)
o – Installing The Deck Railing.pdf (83.29 kilobyte)
o – Interior Painting.pdf (192.39 kilobyte)
o – Ladders.pdf (61.68 kilobyte)
o – Laminate Flooring.pdf (37.96 kilobyte)
o – Lay A Laminate Floor.pdf (213.23 kilobyte)
o – Lay A Pebble Path.pdf (41.45 kilobyte)
o – Lay Carpet Tiles.pdf (185.09 kilobyte)
o – Lay Paving Stones.pdf (53.56 kilobyte)
o – Laying A Brick Walkway Or Patio.pdf (116.32 kilobyte)
o – Laying A Deck Straight.pdf (34.37 kilobyte)
o – Laying Stepping Stones.pdf (69.84 kilobyte)
o – Lining Paper.pdf (93.44 kilobyte)
o – Man-Made Board.pdf (168.41 kilobyte)
o – Matching Sand And Cement Mixes.pdf (23.46 kilobyte)
o – Measuring And Marking.pdf (171.02 kilobyte)
o – Metric And Imperial Conversions.pdf (64.66 kilobyte)
o – Nails.pdf (101.7 kilobyte)
o – Outdoor Lighting.pdf (177.31 kilobyte)
o – Paint Effects.pdf (176.42 kilobyte)
o – Painting A Ceiling.pdf (58.6 kilobyte)
o – Painting A Door.pdf (59.37 kilobyte)
o – Painting Ceramic Tiles.pdf (49.76 kilobyte)
o – Painting Interior Panel Doors.pdf (49.43 kilobyte)
o – Painting Interior Walls.pdf (112.34 kilobyte)
o – Painting Problems.pdf (190.87 kilobyte)
o – Painting Tips & Secrets.pdf (141.46 kilobyte)
o – Pests Around The House.pdf (51.84 kilobyte)
o – Planning A Deck.pdf (101.19 kilobyte)
o – Planning A New Internal Partition.pdf (61.15 kilobyte)
o – Planning Permission And Building Regulations.pdf (71.18 kilobyte)
o – Plumbing Care And Repair.pdf (193.92 kilobyte)
o – Pointing Brickwork.pdf (503.61 kilobyte)
o – Producing Drawings For Planning Permission.pdf (66.23 kilobyte)
o – Pvc And Polycarbonate Roofing.pdf (58.31 kilobyte)
o – Radial Circuit.pdf (39.16 kilobyte)
o – Remove A Radiator.pdf (51.67 kilobyte)
o – Removing Or Plastering Over Artex.pdf (82.45 kilobyte)
o – Renovating Wood.pdf (178.73 kilobyte)
o – Repairing A Dripping Tap.pdf (296.73 kilobyte)
o – Replace Broken Tiles.pdf (52.73 kilobyte)
o – Replacing A Brick.pdf (93.59 kilobyte)
o – Safe Diy.pdf (184.59 kilobyte)
o – Sandpapers No2.pdf (46.22 kilobyte)
o – Shelving And Storage.pdf (181.1 kilobyte)
o – Size Conversion Charts.pdf (79.07 kilobyte)
o – Spanners And Wrenches.pdf (125.22 kilobyte)
o – Sticky Door.pdf (63.37 kilobyte)
o – Sunshine Ceiling(1).pdf (317.49 kilobyte)
o – Sunshine Ceiling(2).pdf (186.81 kilobyte)
o – Three Layer Felt Roofing.pdf (387.29 kilobyte)
o – Timber Care.pdf (53.13 kilobyte)
o – Timber Cutting Hand Saws.pdf (142.31 kilobyte)
o – Timber Decking.pdf (308.04 kilobyte)
o – Tow Dolly Plans.pdf (202.26 kilobyte)
o – Towing Dolly Instructions.pdf (191.81 kilobyte)
o – Upvc Fascia.pdf (78.32 kilobyte)
o – Wainscotting.pdf (13.61 kilobyte)
o – Wall Fixings For Hollow & Solid Surfaces.pdf (67.18 kilobyte)
o – Wall Tiling.pdf (179.48 kilobyte)
o – Wallpaper A Ceiling.pdf (82.9 kilobyte)
o – Wallpaper Stripping.pdf (59.98 kilobyte)
o – Wallpapering Techniques.pdf (188.06 kilobyte)
o – Waterproof Your Roof.pdf (173.34 kilobyte)
o – Wiring A Junction Box.pdf (88.2 kilobyte)
o – Wiring A Ring Main.pdf (106.25 kilobyte)
o – Wooden Interior Doors.pdf (60.71 kilobyte)

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